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The Basketball & Youth Empowerment Camp is a way for MNF to give back to our community through sport, give the youth something to look forward to during the summer, and expose them to new disciplines they otherwise wouldn't have access to.


This is not your traditional youth basketball camp. The camp includes the following sessions:

  • Basketball skills

  • Scrimmages

  • Leadership forums

  • Nutrition discussions

  • Yoga workshops

  • Guided meditations

On the last day of camp, the community is welcome to join in the festivities: all-star game, musical performances, award ceremony, and celebration.

MNF helps youth in the community sharpen their sport skills and also expose them to new disciplines. Throughout the camp, kids develop basketball skills, leadership skills,  form long-lasting friendships, and learn about new practices like yoga and meditation It is so fulfilling to open their eyes to new things like wellness and nutrition — all of which take your game to the next level. 


MNF also helps elite campers by awarded tuition through the Scholarship Program. Over the years, our founder has placed countless student-athletes in Asia, Europe and United States earning high school and college scholarships. With MNF bridging the gap, those elite campers have the potential to earn high school, prep school and/or college scholarships in the United States.

We show youth that basketball is more than a sport. It is a vehicle that can show them the world, teach life lessons, broaden horizons, develop leadership skills, attain higher education, and become the people to positively change their communities and the world.





MNF firmly believes that we advance through education; it is the key to our betterment. 

MNF has awarded many students with school scholarships and has helped nurture their desire for education.  These students have excelled in the classroom and some are elite athletes. 

Many kids in Senegal don't have access to a good education. If they are fortunate to have access, oftentimes their parents are unable to keep up with tuition costs.  Although they have bright futures ahead of them, they end up dropping out, especially girls. 


With our scholarship program, instead of carrying their families' financial burdens, they can just be kids,  focus on school, and have the education they deserve.


For $300, we can provide a full year’s tuition for one student as well as school supplies. 


Sponsor 1 student for $300 

Sponsor 3 students for $900 

Sponsor 10 students for $3,000 

Sponsor 20 students for $6,000 




Donate towards the Scholarship Fund 




Since MNF is heavily rooted in the community, we started the Cleaning Awareness Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to educate the community about environmental health. The most effective way to make a change is through younger generations and the education system. We've partnered with schools to have students clean up classrooms and surrounding areas. With this simple daily initiative, coupled with Recuplast, the #1 recycling company in Senegal, we have cleaned up communities, donated trash and recycle bins, and have scheduled designated cleaning days throughout the community. Having a clean country is a privilege; to maintain it is our duty and the duty of every person. Together we can help save the planet.


So far we are working with over 15 different schools located in 4 different regions throughout Senegal. Money donated will help keep this program running, plant trees, buy supplies, arrange waste transportation, and hire staff to keep this growing initiative alive.


In addition to the Cleaning Awareness Initiative, MNF visits various orphanages and schools to distribute food, clothes, supplies, and shoes to those in need.


If you have any items you would like to donate please contact us. Otherwise, monetary donations will go towards community outreach efforts and are much appreciated.

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